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Rick Stem with
UKC CH Kayla Van Oscarli CGC TT

at the Old Sheldon Church ruins in beautiful Beaufort County in South Carolina. Rick's dog training business and kennel is located in Beaufort, SC about an hour south of Charleston, SC and about an hour north of Savannah GA..

Rick Stem K-9 Training

Let me share my dog training background and experience with you.

  • I worked for 5 years a s a police K-9 patrol dog handler.
  • For 7 years I trained other police K-9 patrol dog/handler teams for police K-9 work.
  • I have over 25 years experience training dogs in basic and advanced obedience.
  • I have personally trained 83 different breeds of dogs of various ages.

My training can be broken up into three levels of training for most owners:

Basic Obedience Training

  1. Heel and Sit
  2. Sit and Stay
  3. Down and Stay
  4. Come when Called

Advanced Obedience Training

Off-leash, distance controlled exercises similar to that which police K-9s are trained.

Basic Watchdog Training

On-Command watch and bark training in various situations such as while at home or when confronted by a threat.

For more information on these or other types of dog training available, you can call or email below, or visit my Professional K-9 Training Site.

The dogs receive boarding training where I train the dog from my kennel located in Beaufort, SC and then I work with the trained dog and the dog handler at the completion of the training. This type of training program allows for the most proficient and expedient way of training the dogs. Pick up and delivery service is available if necessary.

I make certain that each dog is trained to my standards before they are returned to the owners. If you would like more information on my methods, please call or email  me today concerning your dog training needs and pricing.

Phone: (843) 252-7389 Cell / (843) 846-0647 Office

Email: k9terv@yahoo.com